Universe of Sound


Revitalise our deepest potential to live, love and heal by
raising the collective consciousness of people from all walks
of life through the power of sound, frequencies and music


  • To educate the public on the nature and science of sound and vibrational therapies
  • To raise awareness on the benefits of sound therapies for health and wellbeing
  • To enhance the quality of life and well being through sound & frequencies
  • To spread the power of sound to all communities, including the underprivileged
  • To be of service to society and humanity through partnering charities and nonprofit
  • organizations

Why Sound

  • Sound is our Universal Language, predating the invention of language itself. It is also the oldest forms of
    healing, dating back thousands of years since the dawn of human civilisation.
  • Modern science has confirmed what ancient wisdom traditions have known for millenniums, that sound has the
    power to heal, and to transform.
  • Sound therapy comes in the form of vibrational frequencies, pure tones or as music, and can positively impact a
    large array of physiological and psychological states: lowering blood pressure, slowing heartbeat and breath
    rate, reducing stress hormones, boosting immune response, slowing brainwaves to increase creativity and
    relaxation, increasing endorphin production, improving memory and learning, relieving both acute and chronic
  • The natural harmonics of sound and vibrations received by our body tissues travel through our nervous system
    and penetrate our cellular membranes. It can trigger shifts, clear blockages, disrupt cellular dis-eases, leading to
    an internal process that rebalances and harmonises our physical, mental, emotional states, restoring a sense of
    calm while reducing stress, anxiety, tenseness, sleeplessness, etc.
  • Coupled with mindfulness practice, sound works synergistically and complementarily to enhance our holistic
    well-being and consciousness, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.


Amelia Kang

Amelia Kang

Festival and Programme Director

She started her music education at the age of 6 with the piano and extended into voice and the er-hu at the age of 12. By the time she graduated at 16 with an O level in Music, she was already a seasoned performer, having performed with Dunman High Chinese Orchestra, SBC Chinese Orchestra, City Chinese Orchestra and also numerous private recitals. As an Energy Intuitive, she has researched and worked on blending vibrational sounds of musical instruments with melodies, voice, channeled sounds and her healing energy. Her music reaches deep into the energetic core and facilitates theparadigm shifts that needs to happen there.

John Sharpley

Professor John Sharpley

Music and Development Director

Dr John Sharpley is composer, performer and teacher with a unique and multi-faceted career spanning geographic and cultural borders. Born in Houston, Texas, USA, he has a Doctorate in Composition from Boston University; a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music from the University of Houston; in addition to diplomas for piano, violin, and composition at the National Conservatory of Music in Strasbourg, France. His composition teachers include Michael Horvit, David Del Tredici, John Harbison, Betsy Jolas and Leonard Bernstein.

Subsequently he was appointed Assistant Professor of Music at Boston University co-directing a music programme in Singapore. He has been featured in concerts, universities, conferences and festivals across the globe recently including the Performer’s Present Symposium, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory (Singapore), solo recital of original works (Kathmandu, Nepal), Illinois Wesleyan University, the New Composition Festival (Bangkok), the Texas Music Teachers’ Association Convention, the Asian Composers League Festivals (New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines), Singapore Piano Pedagogy Symposium, the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Symposium (Melbourne), Across Oceans International Festival (Toronto), and the Hong Kong Asian Arts Festival, San Francisco State University, Concordia (Montreal), University of Houston and the Present of Orchestra Festival (Kyoto, Japan) in addition to adjudicating music competitions.

Formerly composer-in-residence for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, he is also founder of Our Music Foundation Nepal based in Kathmandu and currently lectures at LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore).