Universe of Sound


Revitalise our deepest potential to live, love and heal by
raising the collective consciousness of people from all walks
of life through the power of sound, frequencies and music


  • To educate the public on the nature and science of sound and vibrational therapies
  • To raise awareness on the benefits of sound therapies for health and wellbeing
  • To enhance the quality of life and well being through sound & frequencies
  • To spread the power of sound to all communities, including the underprivileged
  • To be of service to society and humanity through partnering charities and nonprofit
  • organizations

Why Sound

  • Sound is our Universal Language, predating the invention of language itself. It is also the oldest forms of
    healing, dating back thousands of years since the dawn of human civilisation.
  • Modern science has confirmed what ancient wisdom traditions have known for millenniums, that sound has the
    power to heal, and to transform.
  • Sound therapy comes in the form of vibrational frequencies, pure tones or as music, and can positively impact a
    large array of physiological and psychological states: lowering blood pressure, slowing heartbeat and breath
    rate, reducing stress hormones, boosting immune response, slowing brainwaves to increase creativity and
    relaxation, increasing endorphin production, improving memory and learning, relieving both acute and chronic
  • The natural harmonics of sound and vibrations received by our body tissues travel through our nervous system
    and penetrate our cellular membranes. It can trigger shifts, clear blockages, disrupt cellular dis-eases, leading to
    an internal process that rebalances and harmonises our physical, mental, emotional states, restoring a sense of
    calm while reducing stress, anxiety, tenseness, sleeplessness, etc.
  • Coupled with mindfulness practice, sound works synergistically and complementarily to enhance our holistic
    well-being and consciousness, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.


Akiko Igarashi
Akiko Igarashi

Akiko Igarashi

Community Development and Talent Liaison

She is a distinguished teacher of healing. She is a Reiki Instructor, Qigong practitioner, a Yoga teacher, and a Tibetan Singing Bowl Master. Above all else, Akiko is a dedicated student of life. The practice of inner stillness and focus began at a young age with Akiko. Born in Hokkaido, Japan, she was raised in the Eastern tradition of mindful living and the knowing of the interconnectedness of all beings in our existence. For many years, even though Akiko chose a corporate life path, the practice of cultivating inner wisdom was never far from her heart, or her mind. Akiko has walked the pilgrimage route of Caminode Santiago Compostela three times, volunteered in orphanages, and studied healing with teachers in far-off places of Nepal, India and Japan.

Amelia Kang
Amelia Kang

Amelia Kang

Festival and Programme Director

She started her music education at the age of 6 with the piano and extended into voice and the er-hu at the age of 12. By the time she graduated at 16 with an O level in Music, she was already a seasoned performer, having performed with Dunman High Chinese Orchestra, SBC Chinese Orchestra, City Chinese Orchestra and also numerous private recitals. As an Energy Intuitive, she has researched and worked on blending vibrational sounds of musical instruments with melodies, voice, channeled sounds and her healing energy. Her music reaches deep into the energetic core and facilitates theparadigm shifts that needs to happen there.

Anastasia Ling
Anastasia Ling

Anastasia Ling

Business Development and Marketing

Amanda Ling
Amanda Ling

Amanda Ling

Community Development and Production

She is a sound healing practitioner specialised in tibetan singing bowls.She is an established musician/DJ based in Singapore,specialised in producing healing music,a music educator,a tidying consultant trained inthe KonMari Method™ and a licensed NLP Practitioner. She is also a yoga teacher who focuses on the therapeutic applications of yoga. It is her life passion and path to share the healing wonders of sound therapy through the ancient art of tibetan singing bowls and benefit-specific music together with a yoga practice or as a standalone.

Yen Lu Chow
Yen Lu Chow

Yen Lu Chow


Yen-Lu Chow is the co-founder & executive chairman, WholeTree Foundation / Over-The-Rainbow, co-founder & chairman, Singapore Creations Etc, managing partner, WholeTree Ventures, and a founding partner, Fatfish MediaLab. He has worked in the technology, media, and venture capital industries for 35 years. A former Apple Distinguished Technologist, Yen-Lu is a successful entrepreneur with multiple tech start-ups and an active angel investor, having spent many years mentoring and advising entrepreneurs and young businesses. He served as executive mentor and adjunct professor to NUS Enterprise, serves as mentor to INSEAD, NUS, SIM, SMU, and on numerous panels on entrepreneurship and innovation internationally, while advising the government on such matters. As a social entrepreneur, student of spirituality and seeker of truth, Yen-Lu understands the importance of mental wellness as a life priority. He has given numerous talks and been featured in the media on this issue. He believes that every young person has a voice, an innate gift, and deeply held aspiration - that needs to find creative fulfilment. And when we nurture the seeds of these innate gifts with attention, acceptance, and love - and by providing the right environment, and giving it purpose - these seeds sprout and grow, and the human spirit with its deepest aspirations finds fulfilment. Everyone can embark on this journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, to attain true happiness and optimal wellbeing