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Oct 11

UoS Festival x PAFC: Soundscape Meditation


Thursday, 11 October 2018


Event Schedule

7.30pm – 8pm: Introduction of UoS X PAFC

8pm-8.30pm: Breathwork, Soundscape, Singing Bowls

8.30pm onwards: Q&A


Palm Ave Float Club
66 Kampong Bugis
Singapore, 338987


If you love or are curious about sound meditation, don’t miss this introductory sharing session by the ‘Universe of Sound’ Festival Team and Jean Reiki (Palm Ave Float Club).

Learn what you can expect at this upcoming wellness festival, plus try out a unique sound meditation featuring binaural beats by Jean Reiki, breathwork, accompanied by Amanda Ling on the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Come be a part of UoS’s vision of raising our collective consciousness through the power of sound, frequencies, and music.

Click here to register your place today: Click Here


Universe of Sound Festival

The UoS Festival is a nonprofit event conceptualised to allow participants to experience the transformative effects of sound, frequencies and music at the deepest level and facilitate the understanding of sound as a healing and wellness-inducing modality.

Jean will be sharing with a 10-min sound journey preview on the day of Festival. This experience combines binaural beats with ambient and 3D natural sounds personally recorded around the world.

A natural form of brainwave entrainment, binaural beats induce specific brainwave states so that you can promote healing, concentration, transcend everyday consciousness, and more.Fitted with high quality headphones and tactile audio gear (SubPac), you’ll feel the low-end healing vibrations flowing through your body. Learn to clear your mind and explore audio as a tool for deep meditation.


About Jean Reiki

Producer and Sound Curator, Jean Reiki has assumed another recording alias Mind of the Cosmos to create a new catalogue ofconsciousness-shifting work through 3D field recording, improvisation & sonic experiments.


About Amanda Ling

Amanda Ling is a sound healing practitioner specialised in tibetan singing bowls and an established musician/DJ trained in producing healing music. It is her passion to share the healing wonders of sound therapy through the ancient art of tibetan singing bowls and benefit-specific music together with a yoga practice or as a standalone.