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Caring for Those Who Care Programme is about supporting the well-being of caregivers through sound, frequencies and music. We are always grateful to the care-givers, social workers, nurses etc who have dedicated their lives to doing good for our society. However, not enough is being done currently to help these care-givers attend to their own wellness needs. Through this programme, we hope to increase activities, events and outreach to the care-givers to participate in healing themselves. We are also reaching out to the underprivileged communities whose wellness needs may have been neglected in favour of making a living.

For 2018, Universe of Sound is partnering Community Chest to help more care-givers in the following sectors take care of their well-being:
A) Vulnerable Seniors
B) Persons with Mental Health Issues

Our Outreach activities for 2018 include:

  • Sound for Wellness events for target beneficiaries
  • Gifting tickets to Universe of Sound Festival 2018
  • Creation of accessible digital self-help materials to assist beneficiaries.


2 ways:

1.Gift-a-healing-event @SGD1,500 each PURCHASE GIFTS

  • Community Chest’s selected organisations and caregivers(view organisations below)
  • One hour session of sound healing – including Tibetan singing bowl sound spa, Crystal singing bowl sound spa, sonic soundscape session, guided meditation session, yoga therapy with singing bowls, kundalini yoga with gong bath.

2.Gifting of UoS Festival 2018 tickets

  • Community Chest’s selected organisations and caregivers
  • min 4 tickets, either:
    1. SGD$640 gift of 4 all-day access tickets PURCHASE GIFTS
    2. SGD$240 gift of 4 Concert-only tickets PURCHASE GIFTS


Vulnerable Seniors:
Social Service Organisation Programme
AMKFSC Community Services Ltd
COMNET Befriending Service
AWWA Rehab & Day Care Centre
AWWA Senior Community Home
HCA Hospice Care
HCA Hospice Care Specialised Caregiver Support Service (Palliative)
yCG - Young CareGivers
Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore)
Lions Befrienders
O'Joy Care Services
Counselling for Older Persons Programme
PERTAPIS Education and Welfare Centre
PERTAPIS Senior Citizens Fellowship Home
SAGE Counselling Centre
SAGE Counselling Centre
The Seniors Helpline
Singapore Leprosy Relief Association
Tsao Foundation
Enhanced Counselling and Coaching Programme for Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing
Wicare Support Group
WiSHINE (Widows seeing Hope, Independence and Encouragement)
Persons with Mental Health:
Social Service Organisation Programme
Alzheimer's Disease Association
Alzheimer's Disease Association Specialised Caregiver Support Service (Dementia)
Club Heal
HEALing Friends
National Council of Social Service
Peer Specialist
Samaritans of Singapore
Samaritans of Singapore
Singapore Anglican Community Services
Employee Assistance Programme
Employment Support Services
Project H.I.R.E. -Employment Internship Programme
Singapore Association for Mental Health
SAMH Bukit Gombak Group Homes
SAMH Insight Centre
SAMH Oasis Day Centre

“During my grassroots and volunteer work, I interacted with a lot of social workers who often neglect their own wellness needs in favour of their beneficiaries. Later, over 3 separate periods, while nursing my grandparents and father in hospital, I noticed that the nurses are often dedicated to the patients but seems not to be eating regularly nor getting the best quality sleep for themselves. As I was put into the position of a care-giver as well, I began to empathise deeply with them. My stint as care-giver ended with the passing of my loved ones, but for these professional care-givers, it must take an immense amount of willpower and spirit of selflessness to continue. I realised that care-givers often burn out after a protracted time in the profession if they are not mindful of their own wellness. Many suffer from symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, feeling tired and run down. Some have difficulty sleeping or suffer from new or worsening health problems. When I was nursing my grandparents and father, I was lucky enough to receive a lot of help from professional care-givers and I wanted so much to show my gratitude to them, so what better way than to create the Caring for Those Who Care programme to help support their wellbeing.” – Amelia Kang, Festival Director, Universe of Sound