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Meditations for Busy People


Everyone is aware that meditation can help us destress, relax and improve our daily performance at work and play. Meditation can help us feel more joy and peace. However, for most of us, finding the time to meditate is a real problem. Fret not, as Amelia brings you a series of meditations under 10 minutes that you can do anytime, anywhere, whenever you need. These meditations are designed as quick pick-me-ups and remedies for some of the common issues we face as we go through our daily living. So sit or lie back, enjoy and meditate.

  • Channelled and Guided by Amelia Kang
  • Music Design by Amanda Ling
  • 01

    Grounding to Get Real

  • 02

    Introductory Guide Being Grounded (PDF)

  • 03

    Positive Morning Meditation

    Coming Soon

  • 04

    Destress to Relax

    Coming Soon

  • 05

    Clearing Negative Thoughts

    Coming Soon

  • 06

    Bringing Love In

    Coming Soon

  • 07

    Restful Sleep

    Coming Soon

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