Universe of Sound



The exhibition booths are open to the public. The objectives of the exhibition booths* are to
educate the public on holistic health and wellness, and expose them to different types of holistic
wellness modalities. The exhibition is curated to have maximum 25 exhibitors with a variety of
modalities including:

o Sound healing
o Energy healing
o Diagnostics, machines, yoga, etc
o Wellness products and services

There is also public performance programmes throughout the event which is held at a small
stage** outside of RWS convention main entrance near McDonalds on B1.
Booth participants and sponsors have opportunity to place content here.

*please see Venue Location, Booth Setup and Exhibitors Package in APPENDIX
**please see Location of Public Performance Area in APPENDIX


o Sound healing :

  • Shima (Singing bowls healing)
  • Cranio-sacraal Tuning Fork
  • Palm Ave Float club
    o Energy healing :
  • Reiki Corner: (multiple practitioners)
  • Art Corner: (Centre of Joy)
  • Ame de Lumier (Aura reading, seifu,
    cranio-sacraal, lymphatic drainage)

    o Wellness products and services:

    • Aromatherapy oils: Young Living
    • Sustainable teas: Monsoon Teas, Numi Tea
    • Pre-packaged cookies: Bakening
    • Apparel & accessories: Bamboo Straws
      Worldwide, The La La Lokal, The
      Alternative store, Como Shambhala
    • Electronics: Buddha Machine, Audio
    • Gym/Wellness spaces: Level Wellness
    • Awaken Chiropractic

    o Others

    • Over the Rainbow (non profit)