Universe of Sound

Reawakening the Deep Human Within

Festival 2018: Reawakening the Deep Human Within

The Universe of Sound Festival is a non-profit event conceptualised to allow participants to experience the transformative effects of sound, frequencies and music at the deepest level and facilitate the understanding of sound as a healing and wellness-inducing modality. It comprises talks and workshops conducted by internationally renowned speakers and practitioners, sound concert & performances by local & international sound practitioners; holistic wellness exhibitors, carefully curated to deliver a comprehensive and holistic experience for our audience. We are also doing outreach to charities and underprivileged communities to experience & participate in sound wellness initiatives

Time Programme
9:30 am
10am – 11 am
Keynote speaker: John Sharpley
Topic: Empowering through Sound: Science and Spirit of Sound Healing
11am -12pm
Speaker 2: Yen Lu Chow
Topic: Sound and its Impact on the Deep Human
12pm -1pm
Speaker 3: Cynthia Zhai
Topic: The Healing Power of the Human Voice
1pm – 2:30pm
Lunch break
2:30pm – 4pm
Breakout session A: John Sharpley
Topic: Awareness & Sonic Elements: An Experential Journey
Breakout session B: Pamela Akasha Kaur
Topic: How Movement & Sound Heals: Kundalini yoga with Gong Bath
Breakout session C: Amilee Kang
Topic: Sound & Stress Relief: Toning for Balance
 4pm – 6pm
Tea Break
6pm -7pm
Closing concert: Sammasati (Remember)
Performers: Akiko, Amanda, Amelia